I provide warm, non- judgemental, inclusive sex and relationships therapy in East London

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My approach

I give people an open and honest space, which is particularly suited for people that are conflicted with their own sexual inner world and are experiencing sexual and relational difficulties. I include different approaches, from psychodynamic to cognitive behavioural therapy within a sex positive and trauma informed focus interventions that are align to the individual needs of the person or couple or polycule.

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Who am I?

I am Margo (she/her), a sexual and relationship therapist. I specialise in working with issues around gender identity, sexual desire, compulsive sexual and relationship behaviour (eg. porn, sex), specific sexual practices and sexual functioning difficulties. I also help partners to develop and rekindle intimacy, discover new ways of relating to each other, support them through life changes, including dealing with affairs and its aftermath. I support partners negotiating changes to their relationships with consent and respect. I also work with those who are ending their relationship but want to end on good terms.

I encourage enquiries from the LGBTQ+ community, transgender and gender-non-conforming people, people in non-monogamous or alternative relationships, sex workers and other marginalised folk, as well as people who fall outside these identities.

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