Sexual Compulsive Behaviours

“Shame is a soul eating emotion” C.G. Jung

If you feel that your sexual preoccupation is becoming out of control, damaging and destructive, then it is the the time to seek help.

Whether you find yourself watching porn compulsively and finding it difficult to stop, using chatting apps continuously throughout the day and/or constantly preoccupied about planning and having sex with strangers or with sex workers, I can support you to understand why you are using sex in a compulsive manner.

Sexual compulsive behaviours are usually a way of managing difficult emotions and/or traumatic events.

I work with a range of therapeutic approaches which have been proven to work, creating a programme designed to reduce and ultimately stop harmful sexual behaviour and to redevelop a healthy relationship with sex.

Support for Partners

Discovering that your partner has a problem with out of control sexual behaviours is devastating. I help partners, both male and female, through this overwhelming experience, often when they don’t know where to turn. 

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