Relationships Therapy

Personal relationships are part of what we value most in life. It is common for all types of relationships to go through challenges. At times, it can seem that these challenges are specially difficult or you might feel that you don’t have the right tools.

Relationship therapy focuses on creating a comfortable and safe environment, for each partner to express their perspectives, emotions and needs, with a focus on improving communication within the relationship.

Habits that have developed in the relationship are identified and you have the opportunity to use new skills to engage in a more positive, loving experience.

Therapy offers you the opportunity to explore your relationship and think about what you might want to change. Sometimes, despite trying to rebuild a relationships, couples decide to part.

The end of a relationship is never easy and can be both painful and confusing for all partners. I can offer support throughout this time, enabling you to reflect and move forward.

I work with people in a variety of relationship structures and family dynamics, these include long-term relationships, new relationships, long-distance relationships.

Some of the most common areas are:

– Communication difficulties and arguments, supporting you to effectively deliver and receive information using principles of nonviolent communication.
– Understand affairs and all types of relationship betrayal so that you can overcome their impact
– Anxiety around forming committed relationships, regardless of the relationship structure (monogamy, open relationships, poly, etc)
– Reignite passion, enhancing intimacy and connection
– Dealing with difficult emotions, such as jealousy
– Increase awareness in your relationship
– Managing loss in a separation or bereavement
– Opening up your relationship

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